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Arkinetia Casa en Mallorca  Espana Alvaro Siza qqqBREID0000000542 IMG001 r413 Top Hill House in Mallorca, Spain By Alvaro Siza

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The project for this summer house is located in an area characterized by steep slopes to the sea, with access from the northwest on the top, about 26 meters above sea level. Inspired by the surrounding rocky landscape, the project ended due to a fragmented volume. Read the rest of this entry »

summerHouse vestalands 1  Vestfold summer House by Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects: the perfect House

The architects Jarmund / Vigsnæs have designed a summer house in Vestfold, Norway. Do not call it a simple house, not even having a dream home location, directly on the sea, but the design of these architects call it a true work of art.
The low, elongated shapes were so designed to allow the wind to reach the inner areas of the house, thus embracing the entire building. Openings and cuts were also made to lessen the impact of the building on the site trying to blend in with the surrounding rock formations.

On the outer perimeter of the terraces and the pool is a glass enclosure by failing to protect the building from the wind while at the same time not to interrupt the view. The house is covered, as well as from local stone, wood Kebony, treated with a sustainable process that allows him to have a long durability in the marine environment. Read the rest of this entry »

White Summer House Tinos By zege Architects, Greece

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house in tinos island greece by zege architects in collaboration with architect interior designer marilyn katsaris yatzer 61 White Summer House Tinos By zege Architects, Greece

A gem of the essence quiet and serene in the Cyclades, Greece, is the island of Tinos, where you will find this holiday home.
House in Tinos, Greece.
There is a symbolic island, essentially a gem of calm and serene in the Cyclades in Greece. It is a beautiful and picturesque area recalls everything is ideal. Tinos is. On this island is a private summer house designed by Greek architects Zege, which represents all that Tinos has to offer. With regard to its architectural forms, respects and captures the beauty and simplicity of everyday life. Marilyn Katsaris is the owner and is also the designer of the interiors. Read the rest of this entry »

Arkinetia Casa Barone   Suecia Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff qqqARTID0000000592 IMG001 r361 Private Villa summer house Stockholm, Sweden By Widjedal Bergerhoff Racki

The venue had a house on the slope. I was seated in the middle of the property, which left only narrow and steep lands used around him. The proposal was then retrieve the site and create flat areas sunny, with nice features for outdoor activities. The new building was located on the northern border of the land, leaving most of the undeveloped property faces south. Her figure clearly breaks with the traditional style of its neighbors. Read the rest of this entry »

1304961460 1266952881 080402 3280cmyk 528x366 Trojan house Design By Jackson Clements Burrows

The rainscreen solution optimizes a passive thermal response to shade the house in summer and insulate it in winter, allowing partially generated hot air gap between the interior and exterior.In the second level, a corridor and a vacuum / thermal chimney, allow cross ventilation to all rooms as well as leading the hot air up and out of the living spaces during the summer. The collection of water in the ground has been considered to fill the pool and the garden irrigation use an available storage of 11,000 gallons of water. A gray water system also allows to water the garden as part of sustainable solutions.

The construction techniques for enlargement involves a system of fiber cement siding cost effective waterproof wooden slatted rain screens. The overhang is achieved through the construction of two large roof trusses that are embedded in the walls.The existing house includes a master bedroom suite and another smaller. Read the rest of this entry »

Fennel Residence luxury prefabricated House Design

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fennell residence 1 Fennel Residence luxury prefabricated House Design

Fennel Residence is a dream house for the weekend designed to interact with the environment. A place to retreat to meditate, relax or escape, and where an atmosphere of peace and tranquility of the unconscious takes over its host. What could be more romantic than living on the banks of a river? Wake up and have a beautiful view, whether from the shore of a lake, an ocean or even a small stream, it always seems to have a calming effect for the soul. Read the rest of this entry »

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